RFGSM-220M - Komunikator GSM


The unit is designed mainly for remote control of the RF Control system via GSM network.
? It is used to remotely control wireless units of the RF Control system and for status indication of units on a mobile phone. It also serves for remote control of devices connected to relay outputs of the unit, and for status indication of devices connected to voltage inputs of the unit.
? Control is performed either by sending a command by SMS message or by ringing through. Similarly, indication of a change in the status of units is possible by sending the entered text in an SMS message or by ringing through to the entered telephone number.
? The unit has 2 outputs with switching contacts and 4 separate inputs. It can control up to 10 switching actuators of the RF Control system and monitor the status of up to 10 RF (wireless) detectors and temperature sensors.
? The settings of the RFGSM-220M unit are entered by means of the configuration SW Connect-1 in the PC, and are saved to the unit via USB interface. The configuration SW enables entering up to 30 telephone numbers for incoming calls and SMS messages, and another 6 telephone numbers for two-way operation, i.e. designed also for outgoing ring-through calls and SMS messages.
? The unit can also be used in connection with the wireless central unit RF Touch. Commands for controlling wireless units and indication on the status of these units are mediated by the RF Touch Unit.
? RFGSM-220M works in the bands 850, 900, and 1800, 1900 MHz (so-called quad-band).
? The SIM card is inserted at the front of the unit into the Push-Push type SIM card connector.
? The RFGSM-220M unit also contains a Li-Ion battery for backup power supply and for assuring functional continuity even in the event of a power failure.
? RFGSM-220M in the design 3-MODULE is designed for panel mounting on a DIN rail.

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